3rd October. Today I was a Photo Leader in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk Event

That was a pretty good day. Not only because it was weekend and I was looking forward for 1-2 days off from work, but also because of the Worldwide Photowalk event. This year about 1000 photowalks around the globe, a pretty big number, with an average of 21.5 photographers/walk, if you ask me.

It’s the second time when I take part in the event, but it was a totally new experience for me. It’s the first time I tried to organize a photowalk in India. It felt like a big thing, keeping in mind that it was in the context of the worldwide photowalk, I experienced the joy to see that, even though I am not local, 18 persons answered my invitation to the event, but in the end only 5 of them showed up, and figured out that there was another photowalk starting in the same area, but 1 hour later than the one I was leading, and this confused the people.

Either it was the time difference or the fact that I proposed a 4 hour photowalk, covering a couple of miles scared them off :)) (from Sector 22 Market to Shukna Lake, Chandigarh).

Anyway, the photowalk went well, everybody was awesome, eventually in our small group we decided to go around, take some pictures, and then join the other photowalk, but in the end this idea proved to be just a loss of precious light, so we continued by ourselves and called it a day in Sector 17 Market.

I hope everybody had a great time in the event and due to the fact that I am not a big fan of words I will make a better use of virtual space by sharing my favorite moments of the photowalk. – See more at: SabinProdan


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