Infosys Consulting Timisoara | HTO Architecture & Engineering


Krisztina Bokos, Anastasia Shcherbak, George Nicu, Emanuil Pavlov, Alex Abostanoae, Marian Gomoescu, Alexandru Apostol, Daniel Orzeata, Alex Veja


Timisoara, Romania

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“HTO Architecture and Engineering worked to create a cohesively branded space for the Infosys Consulting offices in Timisoara, Romania.

Infosys Consulting continued the development of their offices in the new location of Timisoara.The global company partnered once again with HTO Architecture & Engineering to design an environment that should encourage people going back to the office.In this regard, the architects have developed a de-densified workplace where the emphasis was to create diverse work typologies.Although the intention was to keep the resemblance with the other offices in Romania, using a familiar design language the design team managed to create individuality for the new office.”