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Fotografie arhitectura si design interior

Sabin Prodan

Cuvintele autorului

“Bits of contemporary European interiors were assembled to narrate a stimulant and artsy design story. For a place that has to be like a homebase for a young girl who is studying abroad and comes in Bucharest during vacations. The intention was to recreate a space filled with familiar elements (from all the places that are “home like” to her: Europe, Bucharest, London) and to `’spoil” her visually while keep a sense of high stimulation, by creating eye candy corners everywhere. The usual “fight for every centimeter” we deal with in almost every project, was not a priority here, since the space is generous, and the living needs were minimal: a place to rest with a double bed, an open living to accommodate friends, a simple kitchen and an inspiring study room.


One challenge from our clients was to stick to the existing space planning, without touching any wall, door opening, plumbing fixture or even the floor finishing, in order to optimize timing and avoid construction debris. So, most of the makeover is relying on furniture solutions, wall finishing and light scenarios.

Since the entry hallway is long and quite narrow, we decided to amplify it by giving visual depth with the pictural wallpaper, highlighted by an elliptical giant wall lamp, coordinated with the mirror placed on the opposite wall. Also, we integrated this space in the general stylistic theme, with the custom design of the shoe storage – two cabinets Bauhaus inspired geometries, made of MDF and amber mirror.

Bedroom and its attached bathroom were treated in a more hedonistic vibe, with jewel accent colors and special design pieces, as the flamingo mural in the bathroom; bathroom has its share of flair with the custom designed cabinet and the ample mirror, intentionally misaligned with the sink.

The core of the whole interior is the day area, a place for friends gathering and art display. The idea of a round island became mandatory as it is a central axis (from entrance to the terrace) and has to allow the energy to move around it. Kitchen unit is linear, with simple volumes, but decorated with the same Bauhaus inspired geometries, while the wild sea granite back splash gives even more visual importance.

A new glass and metal partition is dividing the study room from the livingroom, allowing the library to be a quiet area without affecting the overall openness vibe. The desk is positioned in a way to have visual contact with the amazing urban panorama as well as with the day area of the apartment. For a more structured atmosphere, rectilinear and simpler lines were used.
A second bathroom became a small playground mapped with terrazzo tiles and animated by curvilinear shapes. The main character here is the small sink cabinet, custom designed especially for tiny corners, with its slim legs and simple volume.

Total floor area – 90mp
Execution timing – 5 months”