Hotel Courtyard | Cumulus


business developer
arch. Liviu Zăgan
arch. Ivona Amariței
contract manager
technical & concept coordinator
project leaders  arch. Maria Fofircă
arch. Alexandra Nicolau
arch. George Nițoiu
arch. Corina Nicolae
arch. Laura Parghel



Fotografie arhitectura si design interior

Sabin Prodan

Cuvintele autorului

Conceptually the hotel resembles a great tasty urban burger due to its multiple uses.

We attained this concept by merging the functionalities at hand and placing them logically in a stratification, which is reflected in the spaces and the used materials – walnut, marble, glass-mirror.

So, we basically designed the hotel with the fully open ground floor, where you have the lobby, the reception and the restaurant, semiprivate space on the1st floor with conferences/ballrooms and private upper floors with guestrooms”, Ivona recounts.

In the presence and texture of glass, the indoors’ profoundness is changing from ground floor to upper floors, from large clear glass to extreme outside mirrored glass at 1st floor and “eye” windows to guestrooms.


It was very interesting because these brands have very well-defined recipes that Marriott prepares in detail, both from an appearance and a function perspective, and we tried to squeeze in some Romanian image.

Basically, this brand is addressed to corporate business people who need to feel like they are at home and on the go – that is, they need an element of familiarity and something to remind them of their holiday. We found a breach and we introduced some details that point out towards Romania – we figured that we could achieve this by placing some very nice traditional ceramic plates instead of the usual paintings on the room walls.

Likewise, for the façades, we used the pattern of traditional fabrics, which you encounter visually throughout the building and in the bar area – it is a zigzag created on the façade of a very high glass wall of 6 m on the first floor and a 5 m wall downstairs.


Integrating the zig zag pattern implied a greater investment effort for our customer, but we persuaded him. In all the other places in the hotel you find hints of Romanian elements.

The chosen color was blue, which reminds of the Mediterranean Sea and creates a holiday atmosphere. A great emphasis has been placed on the details, starting from the curtain texture to the way the light enters the rooms and the way the office chair inside the chambers rotates.