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Str. Barbu Vacarescu, Bucuresti, Romania
Fotografie arhitectura si design interior
Sabin Prodan
Cuvintele autorului

“Until 2006 the site located at the intersection between B. Mumuleanu and Tunari Street was a neighborhood vulcanization shop for cars. Between 2006 – and February 2015 the site was empty and people were mistakenly using it as a place for garbage.
The building was commissioned by a private investor who was interested in revitalizing the zone and create a building that can house office spaces for rent. It was also desired to create a meeting point with the help of a fine restaurant, that displays one of the most exotic tastes.
Located near the intersection between Tunari Street and Stefan cel Mare Street, the building provides easy access to public transport, including subway.
The layout is developed around a central core that allows the creation of a generous open space with the possibility of various partitions.
The design reminds of the industrial buildings, where brick and cast iron elements defined this architectural language. By marking the horizontal register with metal profiles and the vertical with alternating glazed panels and ceramic plates, a slim volume is obtained.
“Stefan cel Mare building” is a sustainable investment with Class A materials and finishes and curtain walls with minimal energy consumption.
Before the end of the construction, the building was a success by being 100% rented; 4 clients occupying floors 1 to 9 and the ground floor rented by the restaurant. The open space of the building is very much appreciated due to the versatility of the partitioning.
Despite the small size of the site and its neighbors, the final result presents an integrated building in the urban context of the area.”