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Author: Sabin Prodan
An aparitie:  2021
Numar pagini: 120
Format: 18.5 x 27 cm
Limba engleza

“De fiecare data cand aveam cate o revelatie despre cum sa fotografiez mai bine sau sa editez mai repede, imi scriam undeva. Cu timpul s-au strans suficient de multe idei carora le-am putut da o forma. Departe de a fi un manual de fotografie, este mai degraba un album foto presarat cu tips&tricks, pe care am indraznit sa il scriu in limba engleza cu speranta ca va fi util mai multor oameni interesati de fotografia de interior.”

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This book started as a text file on my phone where I was writing down my mistakes and “epiphanies” while doing what sometimes I call a profession, started as a hobby, feels like a passion, hurts like a job, I handle like a business, haunts me like a curse, but empowers me like a blessing.

After collecting 30-40 different thoughts during photo sessions, I felt I should organize them, while the rest of the ideas showed up while editing my pictures. By constantly looking for optimizations in my workflow and ideas for my compositions, whenever I felt that I learned something new or understood how I could become faster and better, I wrote everything down. A couple of years down the line here we are.

Far from being a photography manual, this is more like a tips&tricks book combined with an interior photography album, containing pictures I took since I entered this field back in 2016 and all the way to 2019. The draft was more or less ready back in 2019, but it took over a year for every piece of the puzzle to fit nicely.

For those of you who continue reading, especially those who are trying to find out if something can be done better, faster, or just comparing workflows, if you’ll have a couple of “Ahaaa” moments, and some of the lessons I’ve learnt the hard way will save you seconds, minutes or hours in your practice, my efforts to write this book will be paid of.