Krisztina Bokos, Anastasia Shcherbak, George Nicu, Emanuil Pavlov, Alex Abostanoae, Marian Gomoescu, Alexandru Apostol, Daniel Orzeata, Alex Veja


Timisoara, Romania

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“HTO Architecture and Engineering¬†worked to create a cohesively branded space for the¬†Infosys Consulting offices in Timisoara, Romania.

Infosys Consulting continued the development of their offices in the new location of Timisoara.The global company partnered once again with HTO Architecture & Engineering to design an environment that should encourage people going back to the office.


In this regard, the architects have developed a de-densified workplace where the emphasis was to create diverse work typologies.


Although the intention was to keep the resemblance with the other offices in Romania, using a familiar design language the design team managed to create individuality for the new office.”