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arh.Silvia Olteanu, arh. Roxana Nitescu, arh. Miruna Stroe


Color Smart – wall paint
Top Level Construct – finishings execution
Muebleses – custom furniture
Dalila Interior – blinds and curtains
Elegance Decor – decorative profiles
Love the Design – decorations
Fotograf arhitectura si design interior
Sabin Prodan

Cuvintele autorului

“While most modern homes have drywall plastered over the original brick wall, exposed brick effects have come back in style in many homes beyond industrial ones!

Industrial design is well known for its dark colors, largely due to the red brick, black metal and grey-toned flooring. Contemporary design features bright color palettes, simple flooring, and clean lines. Pairing these two styles into a coherent design is a challenge, but doing so carefully creates a fun space with a ton of character.

The green tinted ochre ceiling brings together the hallway, open space and bedroom and adds a pop of color in a naturally lit space.

The scandinavian slightly industrial living room is completed with the green velvet sofa. The chic sofa serves as the highlight of the room, complementing the textured terra-cotta brick wall and wood floors.

Art, plants and ceramic and glass decor complete the look.”